Innovative Technology


Anadarko Crude Trucking has developed an in-house data management system, dispatch program, and mobile ticketing system. Our ticketing system works by instantly sending load data and tracking to our drivers via an enhanced mobile application complete with paper receipt printing. The system works in zero-connectivity environments.


Our data management system tracks loads, dispatches, tanks, leases, and data efficiently and instantly, allowing for a centralized system complete with automated reporting capabilities. The system allows for integrations and customized solutions that can be mapped to interface with each client’s unique dispatch, data housing, reporting, and billing requirements.

  • Quality
  • Accuracy
  • Safety
  • Reliance


Anadarko Crude Trucking's technology system includes a client portal for our valued customers. This portal allows data to be streamed in real-time, complete with pdf copies of tickets for record keeping. 


Our clients are able to view their ticket and load data anytime and on any device.


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As a member of the Anadarko Dozer and Trucking group of companies, we can leverage their leading-edge information systems, capabilities, networks, and development including system security, backups and redundancies. 


We are constantly working with customers to provide inclusive services from dispatching through to delivery load monitoring.

Our fully integrated technology team can provide custom integrations, api connections, FTP uploads, database integrations, email reporting, custom file formats, and much more for our customers and their individual databases.





As the oil and gas industry changes, companies are forced to adapt to the swings of demand and new regulations. Our company is backed by over 40 years of history in the oil and gas industry, providing reliability that is unmatched.

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