We have thrived during the boom and bust of the past years by delivering consistent honest reliable service. Given the variability of the oil fields we believe that crude oil trucks offer more flexibility and convenience than pipelines — winning them a permanent place in the oil fields.

While others in the industry have left voluntarily, or been invited to leave, Anadarko Crude Trucking continues to focus on growth by continuously seeking to make our streamline operations and work cost effectively for our clients and their customers.

Crude Oil Trucking

Our expanding fleet of 20+ trucks and trailers is dedicated to transporting crude oil from upstream production points in the major producing Anadarko Basin to injection stations, rail terminals and refineries. By combining our fleet with services provided by pre-qualified carriers operating under Motor Carrier Service Agreements (MCSA), we transport in excess of 15,000 Bbls/day.

Dispatching and Ticketing Services

24 hrs/day, 365 days/year dispatching service is a foundation of our business. The midstream energy sector never sleeps and we are committed to serving the needs of our customers wherever and whenever they need us.


ACT's commitment to using technology to enhance services for our Customers is evident in our development of the Dozer Works suite of electronic dispatch, data management and ticketing applications. We have eliminated paper-ticketing in favor of the Dozer Works digital platform used by all our drivers. Customers now have access to timely data including daily pad production with full specifications. Electronic ticketing also allows to monitor dispatch on minute-to-minute basis, deploying our drivers in the most efficient manner to respond to Customer needs.

Other Services

Our team's experience in the oil and gas industry allow us to provide other services for our valued clients, including:


  • Tank Strapping
  • Tank Numbering
  • Sulfur Content Monitoring
  • Month-End Meter Closings at Well Sites
  • Sample Gathering Oil Quality Pre-Checks
  • Site Visits and Lease Assessments
  • Daily and Monthly Balancing

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